Life is full of challenges each day.  Sometimes it can become overwhelming and it can be difficult to know how to deal with all the stress.

The following questions will help you to know when it’s time to seek counseling.

  • Do you feel lonely or isolated?
  • Are you sleeping too much or too little?
  • Have others mentioned their concerns regarding your moods?
  • Do you have worry thoughts that seem hard to control?
  • Are you irritable?
  • Do you feel easily gripped by fears that overwhelm you?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic event that leaves you feeling detached and avoiding thoughts and feelings?
  • Are you easily overwhelmed and stressed by daily pressures?
  • Have you experienced the loss of someone and now feel stuck in grief?
  • Do you feel that something in your past is not resolved and is keeping you from moving forward into the present?
  • Do you struggle to care for yourself or feel you are worth it?

These are some common reasons for seeking the help of a counselor.  Life is full of challenges and stress that can sometimes become too much to manage.  A counselor is trained to help identify the issue and find a solution that will help to bring back a sense of balance and well-being.   Sometimes it only takes a few small changes to make a huge difference!                                


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